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Terms and conditions

  1. Prices and content of the service
    1. Deliverables may only be used for the purposes described in the order. Any other use or modification of the deliverables is prohibited. The reproduction of the deliverables without the authorization of How ’bout dat Flyers, except for the use described in the order, is prohibited.
    2. All orders are subject to a final quantity variance of +/- 5% on the whole product. (prints)
    3. How ’bout dat Flyers is not responsible for misdirected or lost packages, or any actions that result of not following the guidelines provided.
  2. Purchase order and start of work

    1. Any express request (Rush) will be increased from 50% to 100% of the amount presented in the order.
    2. For printing payments, no work will be sent to the printer before the full payment for the completed printing.
  3. Supervision and work progress
    1. The customer acknowledges that the due date is an approximation and that any delays caused by the customer’s inability of answering our answers within the required time, to provide the source material or to give its approval will postpone the due date.
    2. If the project is delayed/canceled at the request of the customer, How ‘bout dat Flyers, will invoice on a pro rata basis the expenses incurred before the date of production stoppage. The customer shall assume responsibility for all fees and fees required in the event of default.
  4. Delivery of files/works
    1. In the absence of mention to the contrary, the files/works purchased by the customer are delivered to the account of the customer on and will appears also within the e-mail notification.
  5. For any printed project
    1. How ‘bout dat Flyers is not responsible for the final color result. These can vary from result on screen.
    2. How ‘bout dat Flyers is not responsible for errors (graphics or grammar) contained in the final printed product once it has been approved. It is up to the customer to look at all files sent for final approval and to provide content and text quality and previously corrected.
  6. Payments and Default
    1. Payments may be settled by e-Interac transfert (within Canada)  or by PayPal (Canada and International).
    2. Payment required immediately upon the total to respect established deadlines. Each day of delay will result in an equal or greater delay in the schedule.
    3. No refunds. Credit only.
  7. Licensing and Copyright
    1. Any representation or reproduction in whole or in part made without the consent of How ‘bout dat Flyers is illegal and punishable according to the laws relating to the crime of infringement.
    2. This license may in no case be transferred or transferred without written authorization granted by How ‘bout dat Flyers.
    3. The customer must protect all deliverables from duplication and alteration.
    4. All the creations and licenses related to this order remain the exclusive property of How ‘bout dat Flyers as long as the invoices issued are not paid in full by the customer (total amount of the order)
    5. Unless otherwise explained on the order, the source files of the designs remain the property of How ‘bout dat Flyers, only the finished product will be sent to the customer (.JPEG or .PDF). The original files in PHOTOSHOP format .PSD or any computer files created by How ‘bout dat Flyers remains a property of How ‘bout dat Flyers.
    6. If the customer wishes to acquire original artwork files, a separate submission for this purpose will be provided. Additional fees such as an assignment of copyright plus a waiver of certain moral rights may be added.
    7. Upon acceptance of the Final Deliverables by the customer or upon cancellation of the Project, How ‘bout dat Flyers shall return all source material and copies of the source material to the customer and permanently remove all Digital copies of the source material.
    8. The customer shall indemnify How ‘bout dat Flyers for all claims and expenses resulting from the use of the content or property of a third party for which the customer does not own the user rights. The customer is responsible for the payment of any special license or royalties resulting from such use.
  8. Terms and conditions/copyright
    1. How ‘bout dat Flyers reserves the right to include in its creations, when the support allows, a commercial/copyright notice.
    2. We encourage the customer to show merits of the creation of the Deliverables in their sociable media sharing.
    3. Unless explicitly stated by the customer in notes’s orders, How ‘bout dat Flyers reserves the right to mention their creations from the customer as part of his business prospecting, external communication and advertising (website, portfolio, social media, etc.)
    4. This authorization extends more particularly to the constituent elements of the creations, including without limitation the public presentation of the textual and iconographic contents.
  9. Items provided by the customer
    1. Possible elements such as text, typographic fonts, photographs or illustrations from image banks that would be included in the detailed designs by this submission are to be provided by the customer and are not in any way included in the above mentioned prices unless stated in the price table.
    2. The writing of texts and slogans are not included in the price of the graphic design, unless an agreement previously entered in the order. The hourly rate for advertising copywriting is 100$/hour.
    3. The customer guarantees that he holds the rights required to use the elements he provides to How ‘bout dat Flyers for the execution and possible distribution of the works.
    4. The customer undertakes to take legal action against How ‘bout dat Flyers in the event of any claim or litigation based on allegations of contrary facts and to indemnify How ‘bout dat Flyers for all legal and extrajudicial costs incurred or incurred the occasion of such claims and disputes.
  10. Confidentiality
    1. How ‘bout dat Flyers acknowledges and agrees that the source materials, technical and marketing plans, and any other sensitive commercial information, including materials containing this information, provided to How ‘bout dat Flyers by the customer or incorporated in the Deliverables must be treated as confidential And must not be publicly disclosed by How ‘bout dat Flyers without the prior written authorization of the customer. Information already known to the public without any action by How ‘bout dat Flyers is not considered confidential. How ‘bout dat Flyers reserves the right to post all the Products of How ‘bout dat Flyers created in this Project, including the Preliminary Designs and the Final Deliverables, in the portfolios of How ‘bout dat Flyers, in paper and electronic format, And to submit the work to periodicals and competitions in the fields of design, marketing, advertising and technology, provided that no confidential information is disclosed.

How ‘bout dat Flyers accepts these conditions by default. By accepting this agreement, the customer  representative, confirms that to read, understand and accept the terms and conditions as summarized below statement